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Like visual jazz on the beach- vibrant, playful and improvisational-
L. Smith's paintings evoke the light and dark blue rhythms of sea and sky, the hot colors of air and the darker shades of tropical nights. Her portraits sing a human song. People gaze from canvasses, paused for a moment in their story, their eyes communicating what is personal about them. In the narrative space between the painted and the living, a connection is made.

A couple does the Tango, frozen in a public display of fierce sensuality. The viewer is caught by its intimacy. The molten blue, green and red pours down the canvas like rain, drenching the couple in passion. A docked sailboat in a landscape of liquid colors, merge sky, sea and land. A tropical bird enclosed in a tapestry of foliage has the painted texture of cloth.

Passion & Intellect
Whether Smith's subject is expressed in thick, bold lines, palpating color fields, or a pale wash of soft colors, it is evident that she is a native of the land of wind and palms, a lover and an interpreter of the influence of endless sun on the landscape and the mind.